Meat Starter Cultures

LYOCARNI MEAT CULTURES are produced and supplied for various raw meat products, such as cured, fermented, dry sausages/salami, cured, dried whole muscles, and fresh sausages. These are raw meat products, and consequently, there will always be an unknown amount and composition of indigenous bacteria present in the meat matrix. The major role of the starter culture is to control the processing by restraining the indigenous flora and to enhance the required course of actions to be promoted.


Sourdough Cultures

Essentially sourdough is made with flour and water. The cultures are used to control the indigenous bacteria, which might produce unwanted characteristics such as excessive sourness or fault flavours. The cultures will ensure uniform and a more complex flavour development with minimised batch to batch variations. 


Seafood Cultures

A variety of food products are linked to listeriosis outbreaks. Among these are ready-to-eat fish products, such as cold smoked salmon, being in the high risk group. The hurdles utilized in processing cold smoked salmon, such as salting, smoking and drying, are not adequate to ensure that Listeria

monocytogenes cannot develop.