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In recent times a newly coined word has entered the common, daily language: nutraceutical, a noun derived from the combination of “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”. Nutraceuticals or food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients or specific ingredients with nutritional or physiological effects, whose purpose is to supplement the normal diet, correcting nutritional deficiencies or maintaining an adequate intake of certain nutrients.


To fix maximum intake levels and therefore ensure a safe use, food supplements are in “dose” forms, such as capsules, sachets or single-dose phials.

In the nutraceutical category a role position is held by probiotics, defined by FAO/WHO in the 1960s like “live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.

Scientific literature reports an increasing number of probiotic microorganisms but there isnot an automatic relationship between probiotics and lactic acid bacteria. This relationship has to be demonstrated by probiotic studies to guarantee cell survival at low pH and after contact with gastric, bile and pancreatic juices.

Sacco offers:

  • a wide range of freeze dried, typified strains

  • single strains or tailor made blends

  • technical and formulative supports

  • the possibility of producing freeze-dried strains on a contract manufacturing basis


Sacco facilities are GMP certified and approved for pharmaceutical production.

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