A variety of food products are linked to listeriosis outbreaks. Among these are ready-to-eat fish products and cold smoked salmon being in the high risk group. The hurdles utilized in processing cold smoked salmon, such as salting, smoking and drying, are not adequate to ensure that Listeria monocytogenes cannot develop. Furthermore, the storage conditions, as vacuum-packed and chilled products, do not prevent further growth to an extent which might inflict a health risk.


Some Lactic acid producing starter cultures produce bacteriocins during growth, which are small peptides, that by contact kill susceptible bacteria most, importantly  Listeria monocytogenes. Hereby, as an added value, the safety of the products is enhanced. 



Lyoflora FP-18 Cultures to Enhance safety in Seafood Products

Sacco has a protective culture for seafood application. Lyoflora FP-18 consists of Carnobacterium producing bacteriocins efficiently inhibiting L. monocytogenes in fish products such as cold smoked salmon. The culture has been developed by two French national research institutes and comprehensive scientific documentation for the activity is available. The culture might be used in the dry salting process or sprayed onto the surface of the fish products but most capably the culture is applied using brine injection aiming at 1e5 CFU/g fish. 


Application examples

Injection: with 3.5% injected weight gain 3.5 kg brine with 5.2×1e10 CFU Lyoflora FP-18 should be applied per 100 kg fish (103.5 kg product).

Spraying or dipping: disperse 5 g culture in 20 l cold water and lightly moisture the semi-dry surface of the fish with the solution. This solution should be applied onto 100 kg fish, and therefore, the amount of water may be adjusted to the application.

Dry salting: disperse 5 g culture in one litre cold water. 10 ml solution should be applied per one kg fish after normal salting and desalting process on a semi-dry surface before smoking.

Seafood Products

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Lyoflora FP-18 consists of  Carnobacterium  producing bacteriocins efficiently inhibiting  Listeria monocytogenes in seafood products such as cold-smoked salmon. 


The culture has been developed by two French national research institutes and comprehensive scientific documentation for the activity is available